terça-feira, 14 de outubro de 2014

Worldwide Photo Walk 2014 em JF - 15

     The Worldwide Photo Walk 2014 on October 11 was a success!

     Here at Juiz de Fora, Brazil, 30 photographers joined the walk. In the world, twenty thousand!

     See some group photos from around the world below.


     Foi um sucesso o Passeio Fotográfico Mundial 2014 no sábado, 11 de outubro.

     Aqui em JF, trinta fotógrafos participaram! No mundo, vinte mil!

     A seguir, algumas fotos de grupos participantes pelo mundo. 

 Our own group photo at Juiz de Fora, Brazil, by Danilo Moscon
Hmm... should choose the background more carefully next time...

Superb environment at Paris - La Défense, France / França, by "DinosaursAreNotDead"
Most friendly walk leader! And they like B&W, must be good guys! :-)

Braunschweig, Germany /  Alemanha
 Neat modern buildings, nice outdoor WWPW sign!

 Very traditional and charming Brugge, Belgium / Bélgica, by Andy McSweeney

 Cleveland, Ohio, USA, by Ron Skinner
Great surroundings and photo!

Most traditional and great group photo at Montreal, Canada, by Stéfan Saint-Pierre

Beware of these pirates at New Orleans, Louisiana, USA, by Dawn Carl

Well known landmark at Sydney, Australia, by Michael Reeves

 Old sea wolves at Portsmouth, UK / Reino Unido

Great composition job at Worcester, UK / Reino Unido, by Steve Johnston

Walkers at Bab Jadeed, Jeddah, KSA / Arábia Saudita by Thesz Snapshots
One of the best I've seen of this day!