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Worldwide Photo Walk 2014 at JF - 18

Worldwide Photo Walk

Antonio Carlos Bridge reflected on Paraibuna River,
by Luís Cláudio Clineu da Silva

     The Worldwide Photo Walk 2014, on October 11th was very successful! We tell a bit about the event, the people and the news here.

     The Worldwide Photo Walk 2014 is organized yearly by Scott Kelby, well known photographer, book author and head of KelbyOne website on photography, Photoshop and Lightroom courses. It was held on over one thousand cities and involved over 20 thousand photographers!

     Before the walk

     At Juiz de Fora, Brazil, the walk was officially organized by JF in Focus with Marcos as Walk Leader.  During preparatory time 15 blog posts were published, with detailed information on all aspects like registration, safety, the contest, prizes. KelbyOne posts like articles with tips were translated into Portuguese. Organization was run on our Meetup site.

     The Photo Walk

     We were thirty photographers on October 11th, a great group by any international standard!


The group after the walk
photo by Danilo Moscon

     We walked along Paraibuna River, which crosses the city, between Halfeld and Carlos Otto streets, so it was both an urban and wildlife environment. We photographed themes like landscape, people, urban scenes, old and new bridges, architecture, sunset. We were lucky to meet a group of capivaras, a big Brazilian rodent.

     The photos

    Photos by the thirty photographers can be found here:

  • Some selected photos in two galleries:

     Aerial video of the walk

     one of the photographers, Paulo Souza, also owns a company about aerial photography and film making using a drone, ProDrone. 

     Paulo took his drone equipped with a GoPro Hero3+ camera and produced a great movie of our Worldwide Photo Walk!

Beautiful Juiz de Fora, movie by Paulo Souza!
Photo walkers can be seen down there in many scenes,
especially at the bridges, with their cameras, tripods and enthusiasm!
Sunny day, great sunset, great walkers. We certainly had a great time!

     After that, Paulo showed his movie to Scott Kelby, who liked it and selected one of Paulo's photos for publishing on Photoshop User Magazine.

     Word of the walk at Juiz de Fora

    • episode 164, about after 20 minutes

     Congrats and thank you!

     It was a great experience and first time at Juiz de Fora, Brazil. Many thanks once more and congratulations to:
  • all enthusiast photographers who joined the wal at Juiz de Fora!
  • friends who helped (W Gaspar, Romanelli, Flávio Motta, Danilo Moscon)
  • Scott Kelby, RC Concepcion and staff at KelbyOne
  • Matthew Almon Roth and staff at flickr

      It was also great to meet other walk leaders and great photographers, especially "DinosaursAreNotDead", who led the walk in Paris!

     Finally, at the following Contest, the local winner was Bernardo Traad. Congratulations to him and to all who submitted their photos, which can be seen at the Juiz de Fora walk page at kelbyOne!