domingo, 4 de outubro de 2015

Scott Kelby's 8th Annual Worldwide Photo Walk (2015) em Juiz de Fora - 13

     Scott Kelby's Worldwide Photo Walk on October 3 was a success!

     Here at Juiz de Fora, Brazil, 24 photographers joined the walk. In the world, over twenty one thousand!

     See below some group photos from around the world.


     Foi um sucesso o Passeio Fotográfico Mundial de Scott Kelby 2014 no sábado, 3 de outubro!

     Aqui em Juiz de Fora, 24 fotógrafos participaram! No mundo, mais de vinte e um mil!

     A seguir, algumas fotos de grupos participantes pelo mundo.

Sydney, Australia
  The group led by Scott Kelby at Sydney Opera House,
one of the world's famous landmarks

Braunschweig, Germany / Alemanha, by Markus Hörster
  I like these guys at Braunschweig!
Modern architechture last year, old buildings this year.

Athens, Greece / Atenas, Grécia, by Thomas Mulchi
  The group wit the most classical environment!

Davenport, Iowa, USA, by Clint Balsar
  Outstanding  group photo!

Nova Scotia, Canada, by Paul Viennau
  No group is too small!

Prague, Czech Republic / Praga, República Tcheca, by Clint Balsar
  As I just said above...


London, England / Londres, Inglaterra, by Dave Williams
 Some group photos really show well the photographers! Everyone here looks so happy!

Milan, Italy / Milão, Itália, by Matteo Fini
  Great photo background!

Singapore / Cingapura, by Che Lian
  Another outstanding location for a group photo!

Paris, France / França, by DinosaursAreNotDead
  Of course, Paris, one of the most interesting and attractive places, groups
(with people from USA, Northern Ireland, Sweden, Germany, Yemen and Iran)
and... walk leaders, Dhwee!